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NSFileManager copyItemAtURL:toURL:error: fails to give error when dstURL exists on 10.12.4

So, for a simple copy operation in my app, I use the follow NSFileManager method:   copyItemAtURL:toURL:error:   Since I retrieve the url from the pasteboard, there is a chance that the source URL is ... »

NSCollectionViewItem + Storyboard + ItemPrototype

I tried to connect the outlet ItemPrototype from the NSCollectionView to the  NSCollectionViewItem but it was not possible.    I would not like to use a different .xib for the NSCollectionViewItem.   ... »

How to zoom to a specific point in PDFKit (Double tap)

I am using PDFKit in an IOS 11 app and would like to support zooming in to a specific section of the PDF when the user double-taps on the PDFView.  From what I can see in the PDFKit documentation only... »

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