Today’s Apps Gone Free: iOrnament, Harmony 3, Everyday People and More

Today’s Apps Gone Free: iOrnament, Harmony 3, Everyday People and More

Create ornamental designs, solve colorful puzzles, and add some fun to your conversations with today’s collection of apps and games.

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Art Authority ($4.99 → Free, 25.1 MB): Enjoy thousands of pieces of art with Art Authority. Connoisseurs of art.

This is the ultimate art gallery app. It’s filled with works by over 1,500 of the world’s greatest artists all of the way from ancient times to today. With more than 100,000 paintings and sculptures, there will be no end to what you can see. Each piece can be presented on a virtual wall and zoomed in on in great detail. You’re able to browse freely, have content randomly shown to you, or you can search for something specific by artist, location, or period. See something you like? Order your very own museum-approved framed reproduction directly from

Art Authority is available for free for a limited time. It has a 3.5-star rating with a total of 94 ratings.


iOrnament ($3.99 → Free, 96.8 MB): Create ornamental designs that are both artistically and mathematically captivating with iOrnament. Those who aren’t necessarily artistic but love to create.

Anyone can be an artist with iOrnament. As you draw strokes on the screen, iOrnament repeats them according to rules of symmetry. You’re able to choose from 17 design groups and 10 colors, and customize the parameters of your pen via sliders. The app also includes unlimited undo and redo, the ability to change the symmetry type on the fly, classic ornament samples, zoom, and the ability to share your work via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

iOrnament is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 1038 ratings.

Everyday People – Stickers by Brad Smith ($0.99 → Free, 4.0 MB): Use everyday people to make your conversations fresh and fun with this sticker pack. Sticker collectors.

Everyday People features artwork created by Brad Smith. Each sticker is an exaggerated representation of an everyday person, which means you’ll find something for every occasion. The pack includes 30 stickers in all. Just peel and stick.

Everyday People – Stickers by Brad Smith is available for free for a limited time. It has a 5-star rating with a total of 9 ratings.

har•mo•ny 3 ($2.99 → Free, 114.3 MB): Rearrange the colorful blocks according to a palette of colors that blend together harmoniously. Harmony 3 is ideal for anyone looking for a puzzle game that’s easy on the eyes, music to the ears, and challenging to the brain.

Harmony 3 is a masterful extension of the original puzzle games by BorderLeap. It comes as close to puzzling perfection as you can get. The object of the game is to swap out blocks with a tap in order to get them to match the color palette. Blocks can only be swapped in vertical or horizontal rows. The number of moves each block can make is indicated by the black dots on top of them. You absolutely must use up all of the moves for each block to complete the puzzles. Matching only the colors isn’t good enough. Harmony 3 includes hundreds of challenging levels and some new holiday themes ones.

har•mo•ny 3 is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 825 ratings.

Yuri ($2.99 → Free, 227.8 MB): Explore a beautiful and dangerous new world while never leaving bed in Yuri. Fans of platform games.

Yuri wakes up to find himself in the middle of a strange forest filled with weird creatures and massive plants. It’s up to you to guide him through this dangerous new world by rolling on the wheels of his bed. You’ll have to use elements in your environment and play with physics to reach the end of each of the 10 levels. The game also includes a sticker pack, Apple TV support, and an original soundtrack.

Yuri is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 68 ratings.

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  • The app must not have been free numerous times (3+) over the last six months.
  • The free version of your app must not include ads.

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